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Mobile games are an ever-growing trend. Every day a new game enters into the arena. Geometry dash Apk is one of the mathematical games that make an interesting collection of games to challenge your intelligence. Using the number and shapes several games have been developed. One such game that was ready for the mobiles in 2013 by the Swedish game developer Robert Topala is the original Geometry Dash. It is an awesome game that spreads over 20 different levels. Each level includes a rhythm-based running. The background music is much different from the other music behind other games. The player has two options to move to the next stage. He can move by completing the levels or if he wants he can simply add up to the difficulty level and move on. The latest full version of the game includes some outclass features like the level editor, secret coins, a wide range of icons and map packs. The users can also have the advantage of creating their customized levels in the latest version.



The world of action

The player can enjoy the apparently most difficult levels on their android, mod and the iOS by using innate personal skills especially the hidden genius. Once the player enters into the world of thrill he gets ready to challenge all ordeals. With a push of few buttons, the player can make himself run, flip and jump. These simple actions can make it possible to cross all the difficulty levels comprising of challenging obstacles that can be life taker sometimes. It is just a one touch game that can become irresistible once you start playing. It can become difficult to stop from playing when you are free.

Geometry Dash Apk

Geometry Dash APK Features

It is a rhythm-based action game that is filled with the action-packed multiple levels. In order to stay connected with the thrill and action, the creators have added beautiful tracks. These musical notes don’t let you get distracted. The game includes the option to create the levels of your personal choice by using the level editor features. If you want your character to look different and unique then try adding the new icons and hues to the game. It is interesting to feel the nature by using the rockets to defeat the gravity. For the beginners, it is really great to have the training mode of the . The more you play this mode the sharper the skills get. The winners have the opportunity to get so many rewards. There is no need to make in-app purchases. In order to resolve the game-related problems, the player can use the contact email of the service provider.

Download Geometry Dash

Free download of the game is not a challenging thing. There are two major options. You can get the game from the Google Play Store. The other option is the game . Unlike the play store installation where the game is downloaded directly in the apk case, type the geometry dash apk in the google search. Look for the appropriate apk line. Go to the link and start installing the required apk. The installed geometry dash apk has all the features that are similar to the game installed through the play store.